Why Choose Hibow ?
Safety , quality and Durability
Excellect 24-7 service ,pre-sale

service and after-sale service .

Experienced Management and staffs

ISO 14000/9001 Certified
Most competitive cost
Convenient Logistics

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Superior Customer Services

We offer the best customer service you can find .
Not like other factories, when they receive your money,then everything finished.
To us, it is just begining !

Hibow people are at your disposal all year around.

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Or Mail us: hibow@hibowfurniture.com

Professional Manufacturing :
    HIBOW is the largest professional events rental resin chairs manufacturer in overall China . We export over 800,000pc chairs every year . Customers satisfaction push us to one after another peak.
    There are more than 300 skill workers who work in our production department. Each and every of them has been extensively trained to follow the specific guidelines in every process during production. We believe that the proper training and skilled worker in production is important factor .They are not only increase the productivity to meet the increasing demand of chair products, also to ensure the quality of products and reduce the defective rate.
In our production facility, we have comprehensive production equipments including more than 50 sets plastic-injection machine ,7 sets CNC machine,5 sets automatic bending machine ,20 sets stamping machines. All of these machines are not only increase our productivity, also ensure the quality of the product, which precisely meets the specifications. Our biggest advantage with my competitors is we have our independent moulding workshop , for the resin products , the tech. Core  is mould , 7 sets CNC machine from Germany will meet all of your request .